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Some Basic Features of Lifting and Stainless Steel Chains

A lifting chain can be used effectively to transport heavy items for multiple applications. 

They have robust chain components and range of hooks along with different chain link sizes and lengths. These chains can be used in several ways depending upon the number of legs they carry.

Different versions of lifting chains are as follow-

  • Single leg chains
  • Three leg chains
  • Two and four leg chains

Single leg chains are used in vertical hitch lifting for different manufacturing and construction projects. Similarly, two and four leg chains are also of major use in multiple areas of construction industry. Three leg chains consist of three lengths of chain with single central point and capable of handling heavy items that are tough to be moved by hand. This makes them crucial for transport equipment.

Stainless steel chains serve good results for lifting, industrial and marine application areas for security, boat mooring, architectural applications and similar use. The high corrosion resistance makes it suitable to be used in yachting environment. The steel chains are found in about 50 metre of length and available in the form of short link and long link chain.

Construction of Stainless Steel Chain

  • Grab hooks with an eye or pin to take chain load.
  • Made of high grade stainless steel.
  • Robust hooks also ensure silencing noisy anchor chain.
  • A multi-purpose shackle for safe connection.
  • A captive safety pin.
  • Chain gripper for unloading tension and weight of anchor from windlass.
  • Second anchor can also be added to the main chain to offer same strength like chain.
  • Every enlarged link embossed with a unique batch number.
  • Optimum safety factor.

2t chain blocks is another lifting equipment range other than lifting chains which is geared to remove strain for heavy lifting. They can be considered as a perfect tool for different purposes like engineering and construction areas as being lightweight and easy to carry structure. 

They have a smooth rolling and heavy-duty design with powerful mechanical brakes. 

These chain blocks have a strong load chain and powder coated body with strong drop forged hooks.